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Summer wet muscle dream

Another great video from my vacation in the Croatia ! Now just in white underwear. I had to call it "Summer wet muscle dream" because I looking amazing in this video ! Its recorded by my 4K camera so video quality is awesome too. In the video I flexing and pumping my body. I did also swim ! Watch the teaser *_*

outside pumping topshape

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Seb Muscle flex in hot gold underwear

I have new so hot underwear ! I have 4 pairs with different colours. In this time I showing you my such a great body in the gold pair of underwear. Buy now the full 10 minute video and you will can see how hot I can be.:P

smallbriefs topshape

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Oiled up in the atelier

In this 14 minute full HD video recorded by pro cameraman canmedia you can watch my body fully oiled and pumped ! And also I am in my so hot mesh briefs ! Watch the teaser and you will see *-*

smallbriefs focusflex oiling lotofbiceps pumping topshape

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Cocky muscle god in tight clothes

In this 10 minute full HD video I showing you my super tight t - shirts and also I starting in leggins. Of course I will get all off and I will show you my super ripped body ! In the whole video I talking dominant.

Dominant Tight T-SHIRT

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The Biceps Fantasy

The Biceps Fantasy is finally out ! New super quality video from the gym just in my hot PUMP underwear . Video is Full HD and recorded by Cameraman :) in the whole video I pumping my big arms and flexing !

smallbriefs focusflex lotofbiceps pumping

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Muscle Gods Gutpunching

New amazing video with Flex-king ! We did gutpunching ! Also we did flex a lot so you will can see great muscle compare. Video is Full HD and 11 minute long.

gym Friend challenge

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Photoshoot with Fitcasting

At this time we did a photoset with fitcasting.com - photoset is made proffesionally at the gym in so hot underwear !

Number of pictures: 22

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Summer shoot with canmedia

It was beautiful summer day ! And beautiful summer day + my beautifull muscular body is the best way for really great photos. Lets be a member and get access for all my shoots :)

Number of pictures: 24

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Shooting in ruins

At this photoshoot we was with the photograph in scary ruins ! I think those pics are really great . Lets be a member and get instant access to all photoshoots and a lot of videos.

Number of pictures: 14

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10 minute skype show


flexing ,, talking ,, doing exercises ,, oiling my body ,, underwear of your choice

10 minute custom video


I will talking like you will want , doing poses and everything like you will wish. Underwear of your choice :)