Tease flex to mesh briefs

In this full 10 minute video I flexing my whole body but at the beggining I am in my gym clothes. In clothes I teasing you so you will of course will want to see more ! And you will see ! Lets watch the video and enjoy my pretty shredded smooth body.

smallbriefs strip focusflex

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Cocky muscle god in tight clothes

In this 10 minute full HD video I showing you my super tight t - shirts and also I starting in leggins. Of course I will get all off and I will show you my super ripped body ! In the whole video I talking dominant.

Dominant Tight T-SHIRT

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Wrestling with Flex-King

This 10 minute video with my friend Fle-King is little funny but also you can see a real fight ! We starting in shorts and t-shirts and then we will go just into the underwear. Video is full HD and we also flex, watch the prewiew.

Friend challenge wrestling

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The Biceps Fantasy

The Biceps Fantasy is finally out ! New super quality video from the gym just in my hot PUMP underwear . Video is Full HD and recorded by Cameraman :) in the whole video I pumping my big arms and flexing !

smallbriefs focusflex lotofbiceps pumping

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Flex & Pump in the atelier

In this super quality video I flexing and pumping my beautiful shredded body in the atelier . Video is in Full HD quality and I starting in compression pants and also long sleeve compression t-shirt.Then I take all off and I am just in my new small white Aesthetix Era briefs. Video is 13 minute long. Lets join to my member section and get instant access to the full version :*

smallbriefs focusflex pumping Tight T-SHIRT topshape

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New camera , full body flex

In this 10 minute video I showing you my new 600$ camera and my fuckin great shredded shape just in my hot small tight white briefs. Right now I am in Canada in the hotel room. Lets watch the video and enjoy the look of my body ;)

smallbriefs topshape

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Home made shoot in thongs

This photoset I made at home so its more personally :) in this photoset I wearing the dark blue thongs / posing trunks and I flexing like a bodybuilder. Lets be a member and you will get access to all photosets and a lot long HD videos ;)

Number of pictures: 20

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Summer shoot with canmedia

It was beautiful summer day ! And beautiful summer day + my beautifull muscular body is the best way for really great photos. Lets be a member and get access for all my shoots :)

Number of pictures: 24

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Photoshoot with Fitcasting

In this time we did a a photoset with fitcasting.com - photoset is made proffesionally at the gym in so hot underwear ! Soon will be for members aviable a new training videos like on photos !

Number of pictures: 22

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10 minute skype show


flexing ,, talking ,, doing exercises ,, oiling my body ,, underwear of your choice

10 minute custom video


I will talking like you will want , doing poses and everything like you will wish. Underwear of your choice :)

1 mounth snapchat subscription

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Get access to my snapchat and you will can see my everyday absfies , pics from the gym and flexing before sleeping :P